A Special Day at the Temple

Last weekend, we went to the temple. There’s no questions that that is one of my favorite places to be. The peace and love felt in the House of the Lord is unmatched. But that day was particularly extraordinary.

On Saturday, my husband’s great grandmother was sealed to her husband for time and all eternity. She passed away last year at ninety-seven years old. She had been a widow for thirty-eight years. I only knew her for the last year and a half of her life, but she was quite an amazing lady. And being there for that experience was beyond compare.

Homer and Isabelle were sealed for time and all eternity after being separated for thirty-eight years. It was also a special day for Alex’s grandma Rose. She was able to be sealed to her parents just after they were sealed to each other. The whole experience was beautiful, and amazing, and unbelievably perfect. The spirit was so strong in that room, and I could feel the joy from these family members as they received these ordinances and blessings.


Photo Cred: Aaron Barker (aaronbarker.smugmug.com)

I started thinking as I was changing out of my temple clothes. I realized today that sealings are my favorite work to do in the temple. I love the visual of families on the other side embracing each other as they’re sealed. As I sit across the alter from my husband, looking into the mirrors, seeing us go on forever, I see another family as well. I feel their presence and their love as they hold each other and receive those blessings. There’s a very humbling atmosphere that takes over in the sealing room, and there’s so much love that it’s almost tangible.

I know that families are forever. I just can’t believe in a world where I would be separated from my family when I die. And I’m so glad that I have the ability to help other families be forever.


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